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About prices

I usually charge as seen below. All prices are for one song. Discounts on very short songs like only guitar and vocals can be possible under certain circumstances. Feel free to ask!


Mixing and mastering:

280€ + vat

50  € + vat

300€ + vat

"And if I don't like the result?"

It is always a process to figure out the perfect sound for a project. Give me feedback on my first mix of your song and let me add your vision to my personal feeling of the song.
If you are still not happy with my mix I will not charge you. Of course you cannot use my mix if you decide so. This is my way of giving you "nothing-to-lose-garuantee".

About taxes

If you run a business vat depends on where you are located. If you need a mix as a private person you have to pay German vat which is 19%.

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