Analog Mixing

by Jonas kümmerle

mixing studio located in southern Germany

About myself

As you might guess I love turning knobs and building gear. The analog world offers so much sound and color, you can explore when you experiment with parts and push things to the limit. I build and modify most of my gear myself which gives it a unique sound and some tricks, nobody else can do with stock gear.

About the studio


My console is modified from the bottom to the top and sounds incredibly clear. That combined with very colored outboard gear creates a huge, colored but still defined sound. It sounds very natural, even if I push things

About my workflow


The goal is always to satisfy the artist and make the music sound as good as possible. The analog gear helps a lot to achieve that. What you have to sacrifice for that is recallability. So when the song sounds perfect, it's done. This might sound tough but trust me: The benefit in sound exceeds that by far.

Online mixing


I work online with my clients - even if they live right next to me. If a band is in the studio and listens to a mix it always sounds huge. I want the musicians to listen in an environment they are used to with their own monitors or headphones. With a high quality audio stream and a parallel video call it is almost like sitting together in the studio - wherever in the world you are.