The best possible sound for every single instrument!

My console is a highly modified Tascam M-3500, which can consequently no longer be compared to the original. I would describe its unique sound as deep, open and clear.

I built most of my outboard gear myself, which gave me the great opportunity of obtaining a considerable amount of these legendary units. Being able to select all the electronic parts that fit my needs best, I found a way of making the classic designs even more open and transparent than the original ones. That's why I have, for example, three different kinds of pultec EQs - the perfect one for each instrument.

Nothing can beat analog outboard gear, so here's a small selection of the babies I use. You should be able to find everything you need.

Antelope Orion 32
9 x Pultec
2 x Distressor
4 x Trident 80b EQ
5 x Urei LA-4
5 x Urei 1176

1 x EMI TG1
1 x GML 8200
2 x DBX 160X
2 x SSL Bus Compressor
2 x Calrec EQ
3 x Ashly SC-50